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JS Aircon is well known Ac Repairing & Service company in Secunderabad, Telangana. We have a full of an expert team who are always available for our clients. We use 100% quality products while servicing & repairing of AC/Air conditioners/Freezers/Heaters & Other Basic home products to provide top-notch quality to our clients. 

As the Season warms up, it’s important to insure your Air conditioner / Ac is running at full capacity. This will help you stay cool and comfortable during the hot summer days in Secunderabad, Telangana. There are several signs you can look for to warn you of a problem with your air conditioner.

When You Need Us?
Unusual noises. Growling, squealing, grinding, or grating sounds from your air conditioner may be a sign that there’s a problem. An element inside the unit may have slipped out of place, the motor’s comportments may be broked, or the corridor may need lubrication. Whatever the case, it’s important to seek professional backing as soon as you notice unusual sounds coming from your system.
Strange odors. Acrid, burnt, or pungent smells from your air conditioner are also signs of trouble. The wiring sequestration inside the air conditioner may have come burnt. likewise, a musty smell may be a sign that there’s something wrong going on.
, it may be that the system isn’t performing efficiently, or that it has broken down fully, If you run the system for hours but your home is still warm and humid. However, broke, or old, If the system is congested. This will drive up your energy bills.
, it may be that the refrigerant is oohing, If you notice humidity around your air exertion unit. Ice on the bobby refrigerant lines that run out of the condenser is also a sign that there’s a problem with the system. A tube may be congested or broken, or commodity differently may be causing a leak.
Still, Call Our JS Aircon HVAC Technicians Today At 98854 34291, we are always ready to help you out in Secunderabad, Telangana for the service & repairing of Air Conditioners/AC/Freeze/Dish Washer, Etc Basic Home Products.

If Your Air Conditioner/Ac is malfunctioning. Home Services, repair, installation and maintain Air conditioner/Ac/Freeze units for homeowners in Secunderabad, Telangana is available.

 We understand the significance of having an effective and functional air conditioner during summer. Our Js  Aircon HVAC technicians will work snappily to check your unit and form necessary corridor to leave it running easily. With our services, you can rest assured knowing your air conditioner is ready to keep you cool all time round.

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